Don’t get excited. Unlike some websites we don’t have extortionally priced merchandise to sell on the back of clickbait.

The current edition is Issue 84 out in January 2020. Matchday sales are a bit limited at the moment so it is available by post.

Issue 83 – This is an end of season compilation of pages that appeared during the 2018/2019 season in The Gooner.

As well as these, we do have a stash of old editions which we rescued from the garage. We can reprint most of our old issues and, yes, there will still be the end of season compilation of our pages in last year’s The Gooner available from this website at the end of September. The only one we will charge an arm and a leg for is issue 50 because it is as rare as a Spurs league championship trophy. We only have two left.

Issues 82, 83 & 84 are available for £2 (£3 Europe; £3.50 Rest of World), the others for a lot less. Email us if you want more than one as two issues takes the size over the Royal Mail letter thickness limit.

You can pay by using a PayPal transfer and the email address Remember to add a delivery address in the Paypal notes (or send it separately to referencing your payment).

If you still can’t afford a copy, then you can register for the British Library reading room, make a request for them to be sent from the Boston Spa depository and book a session to read them. They have a copy of every issue.

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